Wise Practices from April 2020

Part of what makes the Health Director community so vibrant is sharing stories, lessons learned and best practices about health transformation. Topics cover everything from improving operations to community experiences dealing with COVID-19.

Using Technology to Share Public Health Information

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Sto:lo Service Agency (SSA)

This practice depends on having a staff member with the technical know-how to set themselves up at home with a webcam, sound and a video link for guests. Access to partner resources and guest speakers is made possible by having the SSA Health Director on a Leadership Planning Community table alongside local government, school districts, […]

Streamlining Essential Health Services and Pandemic Information

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Splatsin Health Services

The community had an existing Communicable Disease Emergencies Preparedness Plan (formerly the Pandemic Influenza Plan) which provided guidance on implementing this practice. Existing staff and resources were re-aligned as necessary to make remote access available. The community has efficient access to the wellness services they need and are able to access information and how-to videos […]

Streamlining Essential Health Services and Pandemic Information

Shared by Sarah Temple • Simpcw First Nation

All phone lines coming into the Simpcw Health Centre are forwarded to a cell phone which is carried by one of the nursing staff. This ensures that calls are not missed, and that the person who answers the phone has the information and resources to answer the community member’s question. The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) […]

Planning Ahead for Supplies

Shared by Sarah Temple • Gitga'at First Nation

We ordered bulk supplies well in advance and had them delivered to the remote community. Nursing Station Staff worked to organize the supplies into the home preparedness packages, and the cost was covered by Communicable Disease Prevention and Community Health Promotion funds. Delivering the COVID-19 preparedness packages helped raise awareness and ensure community members were […]