Our Story

Health Directors are individuals who guide and manage a myriad of health and wellness services for their First Nation communities in both urban settings and rural and remote locations across BC.

The FNHDA was officially established in 2010 in response to Health Director demand to create a community and circle of support to share stories, wise practices and identify common trends and priorities. The Association ensures the voice of Health Directors — reflecting the voice of community — is central to the transformation of the delivery of health services to First Nations in BC through technical advice and counsel. Health Directors are integral to community health and wellness, bringing a wealth of real-world experience to their role of securing and managing health services for individuals and families to better address community needs. The work depends upon the experience, dedication and resourcefulness of individual Health Directors.

The FNHDA is one of four governance partners within the made-in-BC Health Governance Structure created by Chiefs and leaders through the 2011 Consensus Paper and Resolution: BC First Nations Perspectives on a New Health Governance. The partners within this Governance Structure – the FNHDA, the First Nations Health Authority and the First Nations Health Council – share a common vision for Healthy, Self-Determining and Vibrant BC First Nation Children, Families and Communities.

This Governance Structure is a first of its kind in Canada – and one of only a few in the world. The FNHDA is the only association of its kind in Canada.

Our Mandate

Central to the FNHDA mandate is our role as technical advisors — ensuring the wisdom and knowledge that Health Directors gain in community is reflected in the work of health transformation for First Nations in BC. The FNHDA’s Technical Advice Protocol (TAP) framework guides all partners in the Health Governance Structure in how to best build programs and services that meet the current realities and needs of First Nations people in BC. TAP helps to ensure Health Director guidance is reflected in research, policy development and program planning and design for our collective health and wellness journey grounded in a First Nation’s perspective on health and wellness.

The quality and relevance of technical advice relies on the ongoing and meaningful participation of the FNHDA in the First Nations Health Governance Structure. Learn more about the Technical Advice Protocol here.


Created by Health Directors, for Health Directors — the purpose of the FNHDA is to build a better health system from the ground up. We are a membership-based professional association designed to support Health Directors working in First Nation communities across BC.

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Governance and People

As a partner in the First Nations Health Governance Structure, the FNHDA serves as the technical advisor to its partners at the FNHA and FNHC, federal and provincial governments and regional health authorities. The work of the FNHDA is overseen by an elected Board of Directors.

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