First Nations Health Directors Association


  • A Mentorship Minute – Episode #4: The Power of Stories

    Spring is in the air, and you know what that means! Caucus season is here! My favourite part of caucus is listening to and learning from the stories people share. No matter what topic is being discussed, Health Directors can speak to how a particular policy, issue, program or funding stream looks on the ground, in real life, in their communities.

  • A Mentorship Minute – Episode #3: Motivation

    Last month I shared some thoughts around practicing self-compassion when working towards our wellness goals. This month I am thinking about motivation, or more specifically, finding a way to walk comfortably in a middle ground between finding excuses for inaction, and forcing myself into a state of full-steam ahead high gear!

  • A Mentorship Minute – Episode #2: Self-Compassion

    As I write this, February is coming to a close, and I reflect that this time of year represents an interesting beat in the cadence of the year; it is still winter, yet in many parts of the province spring is already preparing her entrance.