First Nations Health Directors Association

FNHDA Wise Practices

Streamlining Essential Health Services and Pandemic Information

April 24th, 2020

All phone lines coming into the Simpcw Health Centre are forwarded to a cell phone which is carried by one of the nursing staff. This ensures that calls are not missed, and that the person who answers the phone has the information and resources to answer the community member’s question.

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) opened an Incident Command Post (ICP), which operates out of the Simpcw Health Centre. The ICP coordinates all health and Simpcw First Nation’s staffing essential services, as well as community infrastructure related services. The ICP is supported by the EOC (which is working remotely). Through the EOC, a single Information Officer was appointed, who is responsible for sending out all pandemic prevention and response information. This ensures information is streamlined, factual, and consistent. The community is receiving this information via mail-out, social media, email, and door-to-door / word of mouth (moccasin telegraph).


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