Wise Practices

Part of what makes the Health Director community so vibrant is sharing stories, lessons learned and best practices about health transformation. Topics cover everything from improving operations to community experiences dealing with COVID-19.

Community Distribution – Monetary, Fish, and Seafood

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Toquaht Nation

Toquaht Nation provided a one-time only distribution of $500 to all citizens. The Nation has increased the harvesting and distribution of fish and seafood to citizens, including halibut, clams, roe, kelp, and canned salmon. Toquaht is a small community of only 35 people, with the majority of citizens living away from home in Port Alberni, […]

Care Packages and Nourishing Meals for Elders

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Stz'uminus First Nation Health Centre

The Stz’uminus First Nation Health Centre has remained open, with staff able to work while practicing physical distancing. The Health Centre delivered care packages with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, bleach-based cleaner to sanitize homes, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper to all 212 households on-reserve. Stz’uminus Health Centre, school, and daycare staff have […]

Musqueam Health Department Wise Practices

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Musqueam

The Musqueam Health Department worked with Chief and Council to make the decision to close the Administration offices on March 17, 2020. The 130 Musqueam Indian Band staff have been working remotely to support community members. We developed a COVID-19 Working Group/Task Force; including a COVID-19 Musqueam email and phone line for community members to […]

Door-to-Door Testing and First Aid Vehicle

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Ktunaxa Nation

Ktunaxa Nation implemented door-to-door testing, which involves going door-to-door with a portable table, chairs, and PPE staff conducting swab testing.  Modeled on an inner-city outreach program, this testing brought to a rural community is convenient for community members with the office closed and physical distancing guidelines in place. Ktunaxa Nation worked with local college to […]

Meals on Wheels and Home Craft Programs

Shared by Lisa Steinson • Huli'tun Health Society

Huli’tun Health Society has been providing Meals on Wheels to Elders three days a week, upholding food safety and physical distancing protocols. The Elders appreciate the opportunity to connect with staff, even at a distance. Huli’tun Health Society has also launched a home craft program, delivering craft supplies to community members by mail or drop […]