First Nations Health Directors Association

FNHDA Wise Practices

Scavenger Hunt

May 4th, 2020

The Osoyoos Indian Band Scavenger Hunt is a wellness initiative designed to maintain healthy cultural activity for Youth and Elders in community while practicing physical / social distancing. It is run by our Youth Worker staff who are on a work-from-home arrangement. The program uses Facebook as the primary avenue for participation. This program promotes language learning for the children and youth participating.

This initiative promotes language learning, community engagement, getting out on the land, cooking, and working with family. The whole community is very engaged in this activity and there has been lots of encouragement and support from leadership and community members. Seeing children participate has been key in garnering community support and boosting morale. . It also includes parents and supports language speakers and Elders. The encouragement and prizes from local businesses and community members has been key.


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