First Nations Health Directors Association


Proposed Update on the FNHDA Constitution and Bylaws

August 21st, 2015

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The Board of Directors met in June to provide direction to the work of the Association and to determine the next steps on a number of key projects.  We are pleased to report there has been progress made with respect to the revision of the FNHDA Terms of Reference. We also discussed the importance of ensuring our Constitution and Bylaws reflect the work our members have put into strengthening our Association, and we are hosting this webinar to discuss the recommended changes. We would be honored if you are able to participate to contribute to the dialogue.

DATE:  August 25, 2015

TIME:  10:00AM

WHERE:  Participate live by videoconferencing or computer webinar

REGISTRATION:  Deadline for registration is end of day August 19, 2015 to connect by Videoconference or end of day August 20, 2015 to connect by webinar. (However we will do our best to accommodate any late registrants)

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