Membership Application Form

Purpose of Association

The purpose of the Association is to advance health planning and service delivery on behalf of First Nations in British Columbia which includes, but is not limited to:

(a) Providing advice and assistance respecting First Nations governance with the aim of assisting in shaping health policy and legislation;

(b) Supporting First Nations Health Directors in the development and implementation of health programs;

(c) Creating a foundation for networking, knowledge, information sharing, and communication;

(d) Providing opportunities for First Nations Health Directors to engage in professional development and mutual support initiatives; and,

(e) Supporting the implementation of the “Transformative Change Accord: First Nations Health Plan” and the “Tripartite First Nations Health Plan.”

* excerpted from the FNHDA constitution by-laws.


    Regional Affiliation

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    Fraser RegionInterior RegionNorthern RegionVancouver Island RegionVancouver Coastal Region

    Type of Membership

    I am applying to become a MEMBER, I meet the following criteria:

    The most senior employee or contractor employed as a Health Director, Health Manager, or Health Lead by a First Nations Entity in British Columbia; and


    Responsible for the day to day management, administration and delivery of health programs and services for a First Nations Entity.