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A Mentorship Minute – Episode #1: Introduction

February 1st, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of A Mentorship Minute – a new monthly blog from FNHDA!

My name is Kimberley Laing, and before joining the FNHDA team in the spring of 2019, I worked in community for seventeen years. Like many of you, my Health Director position included many ‘hats’, and I remember how much I looked forward to opportunities to get together with my peers. Being able to ask questions, bounce ideas around, and spend time with people who know (you know?) was very valuable to me.

Mentorship is usually defined as a process where an experienced person takes a less experienced person under their wing, and teaches, guides or leads them to grow in their role. I define it a little differently. My time working in community taught me that every one of us is an expert in knowing what we need. Every time someone shares their story we have an opportunity to glimpse the world through their eyes, and apply what we see and learn to our own journey. To me, mentorship is grounded in this continual process of learning from and sharing with our peers – it is circular, reciprocal. I love thinking about mentorship this way because it helps me understand it as a natural process, like breathing, or the tides – sometimes I am the teacher and resolve to be generous with my knowledge, and sometimes I am the grateful learner receiving the gift of wisdom.

I am excited to launch this monthly blog as a forum to talk about mentorship. In this space I will share my thoughts, experiences, and what I am learning from Health Directors across the province. I really hope that together we can explore topics that are interesting to you, and I encourage you to share your ideas with me so I can keep learning!

My role with FNHDA is to provide support to Health Directors – whether you have a question about navigating the health governance structure, are looking for resources, have a Wise Practice or training idea you want to share, or pretty much anything at all – please drop me a line – I look forward to connecting with you!!

See you next month for another Mentorship Minute!

Kimberley with her beautiful Bouvier Kali, who is always a willing walking partner

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