First Nations Health Directors Association

FNHDA Wise Practices


May 13th, 2020

A wise practice for T’it’q’et First Nation has been to delegate work to the whole Administrative Band Office staff, where appropriate, so they all feel part of the team, i.e. communication, newsletters, notices, planning, logistics, operations, finance, etc. Appointing one staff person to manage those items also helps with quality control.

Another wise practice is having tracking sheets for key items, i.e. Expense Authorizations, Community Notices, etc. This ensures we know when, who, what, where for each notice. Appointing one staff person to be responsible for that task makes it easier to find if a notice or expense was actioned or not.

It is also a wise practice to have a staff person who has had Emergency Management (EM) training to take lead, they have the expertise to coordinate staff and delegate specific roles during the emergency.

Delegating and spreading the tasks out minimizes burnout and gives individuals a sense of participation and inclusion. Sufficient staff people, office supplies, and electronic equipment are essential to responding to EM events.

Staff are happier when they feel included in the response(s) and part of a team. Tracking all documents/notices/newsletters regarding the COVID-19 response is key to an organized and unified response at the community level and prevents duplication or confusion.


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