First Nations Health Directors Association

FNHDA Wise Practices

Heiltsuk Condition Signals

May 12th, 2020

Condition Signals packages were developed to support families and individuals while remaining at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The package contains 5 color coded sheets of paper in a sleeve. Each color represents the specific need or service a family may have and the support they require. Should a family need food, for example, they would place the ‘RED” sheet at the front of the folder and place the folder in a window visible to the main roadway.

These documents were dropped off at every house in the community. While the RCMP and Heiltsuk Tribal Council Security are conducting their regular patrols of the community, they can identify any household that requires support. They connect with the family then contact the appropriate service provider to support the household.

The community is the target audience. The purpose is to ensure that community members are connected to the services they require while remaining at home. Resources are available in the community and arrangement were made through our interagency committee. Community members use the service as required. It gives them some peace of mind their needs will be met when needed, while practicing social distancing.


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