First Nations Health Directors Association

FNHDA Wise Practices

Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society Community Champions and Traditional Medicines

May 11th, 2020

The Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society has two Community Champions designated for each community to act as a central point of contact for community members reporting symptoms or requesting prescriptions, who will connect them to nursing staff as appropriate.

Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society has put together traditional medicine pouches for Elders to support their overall health during this time. Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society is also putting out extra newsletter bulletins with updated information on COVID and the messaging to stay home to protect our Elders, who are valuable knowledge keepers.

Key needs of the community are prevention, support, and connection. It is important for families and community members to stay connected during this period of self-isolation. The message that ‘the best way to love your family is to stay within your own home and protect your community’ is emphasized.


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