First Nations Health Directors Association


Welcome to the FNHDA website.

The FNHDA is a professional association that represents and supports health directors and managers working in BC First Nations communities. Collectively, BC First Nations Health Directors have a wealth of information, capacity, and solutions to the population health issues in First Nations communities.

The Association supports education, knowledge transfer, professional development and best practices for health directors and managers of First Nation Health Providers; and acts as an advisory body to the FNHC and FNHA on research, policy, program planning and design related to administration and operation of health services in First Nation communities.

Our Board of Directors provide leadership and oversight for all corporate activities of the FNHDA. Our 15 strong board of director members represent each of the five health service delivery areas and combine years of experience in First Nations health community development, financial management and political expertise at all levels of government.

Our membership consists of First Nations Health Directors and Managers working in First Nation communities who are poised to occupy their rightful place at decision-making tables. Grounded in the realities of our diverse communities, an association of peers is forming to lead the way in First Nations Health.

Over the years since our formation we have:

  • Established our Secretariat support
  • Provided board orientation
  • Developed our strategic plan
  • Created a membership register and associated processes
  • Operated as a partner in the First Nations Health Governance Framework; and
  • Signed a Relationship Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding between the FNHC, FNHA and FNHDA to ensure regular communications and mutual support is sustained

The above work would not have been possible without the leadership and commitment of the members of the FNHDA, FNHA and FNHC, all whom remain passionate about what has been achieved and the exciting times ahead. Above all, acknowledgement should be given to BC First Nations communities, leaders, health directors and citizens – past, present, and future. They are the reason why this work is taking place, and their generosity in sharing their experiences and offering their guidance is deeply appreciated.

Please join us if you are a community health service provider working in a First Nations community in BC and contribute to the change happening across our nations – our unified voice is a catalyst towards improving First Nations health and well-being.

We hope this website is of value to you as we strive to continue to keep you well informed of health changes in BC First Nations Communities. We look forward to continuing to work together to build a better health system from the ground up through advancing health planning and service delivery on behalf of First Nations in BC.

FNHDA members please take a moment to review our constitution and bylaws here.