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FNHDA Wise Practices

Keeping Team Connection While Maintaining Safety and Physical Distancing

May 6th, 2020

The Witset health building is maintaining essential services with a small number of staff reporting to work each day. The health team gathers every morning, maintaining physical distancing, to check in over coffee and baked goods. This short time together allows everyone to stay connected to each other, to share how they are managing through the crisis, and to face the day with a plan and sense of purpose.

Self-isolation, working from home, and maintaining physical distancing makes feeling connected difficult, and Witset knows that keeping a team spirit in the health department is key. The primary target of this practice are the staff in the health centre. However, by supporting the wellness and coping ability of the staff, the whole community benefits.

No additional resources are required for this practice, other than access to a supply of fresh baked goods! This wise practices results in a more grounded staff, who know they have the support of each other and are able to serve the community better. It is a small thing to bring the team together every day, but it has become an important touchstone in everyone’s busy and often stressful days. The things that seem small can make a big impact

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