First Nations Health Directors Association


FNHDA Members Dialogue Session on Quality Health Services

January 26th, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 (Pre-cursor to Best of Both Worlds Forum)

11:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Hyatt Regency, Vancouver

The FNHA and FNHDA would like to invite all members of the Association to participate in a Members Dialogue Session on Quality Health Services. The purpose of this dialogue is to establish an awareness of the FNHA Quality Agenda and to gain important feedback from Health Directors regarding priorities and actions that can advance the implementation of a BC First Nations Quality Agenda.

Witness opening remarks from FNHDA Elder Advisor Virginia Peters, who will share about how quality, is something that was and is at the heart of First Nations cultural teachings, practices and communities and how these teachings can be applied to today’s Quality Agenda.

Join FNHDA President Kim Brooks and FNHA CEO Joe Gallagher to hear about the efforts that have taken place to date and the important work and collaboration that lies ahead. Also hear an exciting talk from Dr. Evan Adams, Chief Medical Officer for the FNHA, about our shared vision for culturally safe and quality care for BC First Nations!

Participants will have an opportunity to engage in a ‘World Cafe’ dialogue to help shape and inform this approach as well as prepare for the larger Quality Forum.

To register for the Members Dialogue Session please click here:

Enhancements to Subsidy

To support attendance at the February 28th member’s dialogue, the travel bursary for all registered members of the First Nations Health Directors Association has been enhanced.  The travel bursary is based on geography and complexity of travel and is available according to the following criteria:

  • Delegates are FNHDA members in good standing as of December 1.
  • Delegates are responsible for booking their own hotel and travel arrangements.
  • The FNHA will issue reimbursements for incurred travel expenses based on the pre-established subsidy amounts below:


  1. $2450 True North 

Defined as communities requiring multiple modes of transportation, including significant driving distance and 1-2 flights

  1. $2050 – North West; North East; North Central; North Interior; East Interior; Central Coast

Defined as communities requiring flight as their primary mode of transportation

  1. $1650 – South and Central Interior

Defined as communities requiring significant driving distance as their primary mode of transportation

  1. $1350 – North and West Vancouver Island

Defined as communities requiring complex transportation, including flights and ferries

  1. $1100 – Central and South Vancouver Island

Defined as communities requiring minimal driving distance and ferries

  1. $700 – Fraser Valley

Defined as communities requiring a minimal driving distance 

  1. $450 – Lower Mainland  

Defined as communities within 45 minutes of driving distance to Vancouver

Download the event poster here (PDF 250 KB)