First Nations Health Directors Association


Announcing 20 Youth & Elder Scholarships!

January 26th, 2017

In partnership with the FNHDA, the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council and First Nations Health Authority are excited to announce 20 youth/Elder scholarships to attend Best of Both Worlds and the BC Quality Forum.

Why scholarships?
Including the voices of Elders and youth is essential to determining what matters most to our clients when it comes to improving services.

Who is eligible?
This is a member’s only opportunity. Members of the FNHDA who are pre-registered for the Best of Both Worlds and Quality Forum may invite (1) youth and/or (1) elder from their community.  Scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis for 10 youth (16-24 yrs) and 10 elders.

What is included?
Transportation, accommodation and meals will be booked for in advance and provided for successful applicants.

What is expected?
Scholarship recipients are expected to attend March 1-3 and to write a short summary of their experience. Please note, writers will be on hand to interview and assist the Elders.

How do I apply?
Send proof of registration to the March 1-3 forum along with the name of the youth or elder that you would like to accompany you. Tell us briefly why you think this individual would benefit from the gathering and what they might contribute.

Please email with your submission.