First Nations Health Directors Association


FNHDA Mental Wellness Campaign

December 4th, 2015

“Stress and Burnout” have been identified as two significant challenges for Health Directors and may contribute to high turnover in the profession.  Last year, in response to this reality, the FNHDA launched a mental wellness campaign for association members.

Over the past year the First Nations Health Directors Association has worked hard to create a logo, brand and tagline to shape the campaign.  The FNHDA understands that stress is directly linked to job satisfaction and as an organization we want members to feel supported.

The purpose of the campaign is to:

  • Support the health & wellness of FNHDA members.
  • Encourage association members to support one another.
  • Recognize Health Directors as wellness champions.
  • Take action on the #1 priority in regional health & wellness plans – mental wellness.
  • Reduce Health Director turnover

To meet these objectives, the campaign is focused on three pillars:

  • Powering Down (unplugging from technology)
  • Honoring the Land (getting outside),
  • Weaving Support Networks (reaching out and nurturing support networks).

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