First Nations Health Directors Association


FNHDA Partnership Update – January 2013

January 30th, 2013

Dear Members of the First Nations Health Directors Association,

Over the past week, you may have received a number of communication materials related to the work being done by the First Nation Health Authority and Tripartite partners to improve the health and well-being of our BC First Nation communities.

We would like to begin by commending the leadership efforts of the First Nation Health Authority Board of Directors and it’s CEO, Mr. Joe Gallagher, in responding and clarifying incomplete and inaccurate information contained in the recent article published by the National Post and the subsequent anonymous emails circulated by

The work being done by the First Nation Health Authority, the First Nation Health Council and our Federal and Provincial partners is historic, and must continue if we are to positively change the health outcomes for our BC First Nation people.

As individuals, and as members of our Association, the efforts of Health Directors continue to have positive impact on systems transformation within the tripartite process. As a collective body and as technical advisors to our partners, the First Nations Health Director’s Association has an opportunity to make significant impact on enhancing the health and well-being of BC First Nations people. It is for these reasons that the FNHDA remains committed to the values and goals within our recently signed Relationship agreement and will continue to support our partners.

As Health Directors, you play a key role as the lead administrators of health programs in your communities. We know you are often the first stop for inquiries related to health from leadership, staff and community members. To support you in your role as a technical advisor, we offer the following information to assist you with some questions you may be receiving:

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