First Nations Health Directors Association


Relationship Agreement strengthens connections between FNHC,FNHA and FNHDA

November 21st, 2012

On November 6, 2012, the FNHC, FNHA and FNHDA held a signing ceremony for the FNHC-FNHA-FNHDA Relationship Agreement. The Sts’ailes Cultural Committee played a key role in ensuring that the signing was conducted in the cultural protocol of the Coast Salish.

The Relationship Agreement builds upon the direction provided by BC First Nations about the mandates of the FNHC, FNHA, and FNHDA. It outlines the roles and mandates of each First Nations Health Governing component and sets out processes to ensure that the FNHC, FNHA, and FNHDA have regular communications and provide mutual support to one another.

The Agreement sets out a set of six shared values of the FNHC, FNHA and FNHDA: Respect; Culture; Relationships; Excellence; Fairness; and, Discipline. It also includes commitments to reciprocal accountability and consensus leadership. “It is important as we engage in change to be clear about our respective mandates and our roles and responsibilities.” commented Grand Chief Doug Kelly, Chair of the FNHC “With this agreement, we commit to partnership, share the work, and create opportunities to learn and grow together.”

Photo: back row: Warner Adam, (Deputy Chair, FNHC), Jeanine Lynxleg (Vice-President, FNHDA), Joe Gallagher (CEO, FNHA). Front Row: Grand Chief Doug Kelly (Chair, FNHC), Jacki McPherson (President, FNHDA), Pierre Leduc (Vice-Chair, FNHA).

FNHC_FNHA_FNHDA_Relationship_Agreement | pdf download 3.3 MB